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Everyone has a story.

One of our key aims is to learn from the communities we want to work with. How people want to share their stories is extremely important to us, as we are very conscious of the honour it is to be included in what they have to say. We want to get to know who we work with as people and share in their life and work, and then adjust the way we do things from that.
Because of that our first two projects are going to work in partnership with charities already established in communities and come alongside them.
This is important for us, before becoming fully established in charity status so that we can learn and adjust to what is most needed and best works with people.

Projects: Upcoming Events

January- June 2019


This has been a project in the works for a while now, and we are thrilled to be currently working with the charity PBJ, out in Manila the capital city of the Philippines, supporting their work with children's programs in the slums.

Check out our project page to follow the team videos to see what we are up to, read more and donate to our current project. 

There are new projects that we'd love your help with- Crayon Project, Shoes to Move Project, and Books to Build Project.


April 2018


We are so exited by our first project in 2018! Working with the charity Mission Macedonia to visit 27 different communities in Macedonia. Bringing storytelling and music to the children and sharing their story!

IMG_1405 copy 2.jpg



We are going to live among and work with the incredible team of over 100 Malawians at Fishermans Rest! For 3 months we will work with their nine community projects, from library's to teaching children to read and women's hygiene, we will be there filming and using stories to share knowledge. We even hope to film a documentary of our time to share more of this incredible charity working on the ground, to make a real change. Which will then be shared worldwide and screened throughout the U.K, Poland and Brussels!

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